March is National Nutrition Month.

Did you know that? So, how did you add nutrition into your healthy life events?

Simple, the best way to celebrate nutrition month is by eating right. Wrong! Eating right is not simple, but it is a great way to not only celebrate, but a great start at nutrition-failliving a healthier lifestyle.

Based on my research, this event was first celebrated by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 1980. These two prestigious organizations wanted to establish the practice of eating healthier. A still much needed practice today. Unfortunately, learning how, and what to eat healthy, takes much more than a public relations and/or awareness campaign.

Today, even more than back in 1980, the general public still lacks the necessary skills to select, prepare and consume healthy food on a consistent and regular bases. Sure, many of us are more knowledgeable about whole foods, excessive eating of unhealthy processed foods, and the science of nutrition than ever before. The simple fact is, Americans are constantly being inundated and overwhelmed by corporate food industry information and fake news sources telling us what to eat, hood this processed food is, and how cheap and easy it is to acquire in the drive-thru down the street.

I know how to get you to join me, and embrace the message of eating healthier this month and every month in the year. Let me share how to go back to the basics and make one simple change at a time in our lifestyle, so you can not only celebrate this March, but many, many months to come.


“Eat Food, Mostly Plants” M. Pollan.

Personal Health Starts with Nutrition – Healthy Eating

Although eating healthier nutritious foods is a simple idea, if you are like me, it requires some time and commitment to study, learn and put into my a new routine or habit. There are healthy living rules for diet, exercise, hydration and sleep. PLUS a whole lot more. And there are several good ways to get help. You can hire a nutritionist, a dietitian to prepare your meals, and even some fitness trainers offer weight-loss information. One source I bet you have not considered is a certified health & wellness coach. That’s what I do. And nothing makes me happier than helping someone start their own personal wellness program journey. BTW, that typically starts with healthy eating.

To help you understand the Practice of Healthy Eating, consider these thoughts that nutrition science supports:

Track What you Eat

Choose Fatty Fish

Fill Up on Fruits and Vegetables

Opt for Protein at Breakfast

Enjoy Mindful Meals

Want to really go beyond the headlines and make this year the beginning of a healthier life? Than invest some time and register for a free Core4-PLUS Wellcare Event, click here


Share how you celebrated below in the comment section.

I would love to hear from you. I am old enough to understand, it does not matter where we come from, what really matters is where we can go together in life. Let’s see where this all leads.

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