Wellness with Lyme

My Personal Chronic Lyme Illness Journal – 20201206 –

After pushing our herbal treatment protocol to the maximum we got to take a 3 week break. And we planned to spend one of the weeks in Sint Maarten. Everyone thought we were crazy given the Plandemic, but when you have faced chronic Lyme for this long, a CoronaVirus just doesn’t seem that scary. The fact is we made the reservation back in January before the world went Covid crazy.
Even though we are basically retired now, we have not had a vacation trip together since we were diagnosed.  Nothing was going to stop us. At least that was our plan. Universe tried our patience every step until we got to this island.
For example, to enter Sint Maarten we had to have a negative Covid19 PCR test within 120 hours prior to arrival on island. This was something we had avoided so far. Based on reports the test could come back with a false positive which could cause us to cancel the trip. At least the timeshare points were insured, but the flights we booked with Spirit via Capital One travel miles could be lost.
Tested Negative – Yea!
Since we didn’t have any symptoms we didn’t expect to be positive, but the way the testing process was handled we began to doubt ourselves. We arrived at the center. Registered and were told to fill out forms, and wait in the car. We thought it would be quick until we began to realize all the cara in the lot were waiting too. One by one we saw tester come out in all the PPE gear until it was our turn. Basically the come up to your window ask if you have symptoms, take your temperature and stick a long swab up your nose farther than you like.
Waiting was the real tough part. They say results can be 24 to 72 hours. That would leave us only 28 ours to get our approval to enter.
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