My Personal Chronic Illness Journal¬† – 20200929 –

Sometimes the cure seems worse than the disease. That statement pretty much sums up my week. The current cycle of herbals is kicking my butt.
As I have shared previously, taking one herbal antimicrobial was bad enough. Especially once you get up to 20 or 30 drops twice a day. But this time he has me taking 4 different ones all at once. I’m on MCBB2, Banderol, Cryptoleptis, and AL Complex. As i add more drops daily best i can you feel worse and worse. Yes, I’m taking all the supplements that are there to reduce your herxing.
It’s like having the aches and pains of the flu without the fever and sinus issues. I just want to sleep but even that gets hard to do.
Truly, this is almost the worst i have ever felt physically. Thank God I have Gayle in my life. The only problem is, she feels almost the same, as we are tracking very similar in our treatment plan.
Final thought. Why is it that nobody really understands what this disease is like? When you share how you are feeling and doing, they say the dumbest things. Like “why are you still taking the meds?” Or, “What does your doctors say…?”
The have no clue. Some probably think we are seeing a quack doctor, or are just lazy trying to get sympathy. Non of the above. Traditional doctors rarely understand. But Lymies do.
If I can, I want to start an online support group. Like a zoom call in room. What do think?