During our daily travels in life, we all get asked the same question when we meet new people.

What do you do?” and the dialogue typically goes something like this…

How interesting…I never met anyone who was a wellness & health coach before.

What is it like?….Who are your clients?” Etc.

I am just like everyone else and ask the same question quite often. But I have to be host about something that has been awaken in me, since I achieved my certification. It pops into my head almost every time I meet someone. It is this single thought…

How Can I Help You?

Given the fact over 70% of Americans age of 45 or older, are either pre-diabetic or diagnosed as diabetic, it is hard to not want to go out and “fix” everyone. However, that is not my job, or anyone’s for that matter. You see, the job of doctors and most other health professionals is to treat people who are sick or injured. The health coach is there to inform, education and motivate people, who need and want to become healthier and that often requires a coach.

Therefore, let me turn that question around. I will answer it as if you were looking for a solution and found me. Within that process, I am sure you will have a lot more questions about what, I do and how you could benefit from my services.

So here goes…

First of, I cannot help someone who does not want help. If that is you, why on earth are you reading this post? Maybe should should be over on some funny cat video page. For the rest of us, let’s continue.

For me to help someone, who wants help, I need to understand their current lifestyle, habits and health challenges. Be we get a chance to talk, please consider the following questions:

Common Coaching Client Concerns

Are you part of an busy family, or just a stressed out with your 21st century life? Have you tried over time to get you, or your family’s nutrition habits back on track?”

Are you confused by all the conflicting information posted in the news, or on Facebook, concerning the topic of health out there?

“Are you a parent and what do you typically eat and feed your kids?”

“Does your life, particularly “meal time” get too busy to plan your meals in advance?” “Could you use some help to learn how to shop smarter for you and/or your whole family?”

Maybe you got a call from your child’s teacher, or even you are seeing changes in your child’s behavior and performance at school. “Would you be interested in learning about NDD?

Life is too short and your child’s health is too important to assume that your daily meal time a struggle to get your child to eat “real” food vs. “junk” food? I know this because I lived that life. And it creates a few unfortunate outcomes:

  • Feeling overwhelmed without time to cook and not enough healthy sit-down dinners at home
  • Too many meals picked up at the drive thru, or come home in a box, or can.
  • You and your family members live with a daily struggle against cravings
  • More children diagnosed with asthma, allergies or ADHD
  • Health care costs keep rising, and nobody has a shared a solution that works with you.


Before I share with you my thoughts on my approach to this problem, ask yourself this final question.

Would spending more time, as a family around the dinner table, more nights each week, be something that you would really want? Personally, I wish I could have a do over. But you only get one pass with your kids. Make it count!

My Approach to Health Coaching – In Summary

Of course the “best program” or wellness plan is the one you will do. That means, my plan has to be flexible enough to potentially work with almost everyone. However, you must understand, that no plan is actually perfect for everyone.

After years work in human resources, you learn a thing or two about human relations. I understand full well, you cannot make someone change their habits, unless they are willing and motivated to take action and implement new habits. Some people adopt to changes quickly, many trail behind the leaders. Where do you fall on the change curve?


In addition, as a father of three, who was also responsible for preparing meals, supporting athletes and everything in between, I know how challenging this job is for parents and in particular, the moms out there. Raising a healthy family was my job and responsibility. It still isn’t easy, even long after they grow up and leave home.

Most Parents are Full of Healthy Intension

Responsibility number one in every parent’s job description is to create an opportunity for wellness & health in the lives of their children. My experience as a parent, has prepared me to not only to acquire the technical know how, but a passion to share what I have learned from my own personal experience with others. I wish I was able to have connected with a health coach myself. I know I would have done better. So, simply put, my job now is to be your wellness & health coach. To help teach you the skills to navigate the sometimes confusing world of wellness (nutrition & fitness) and share with you the very best principles of good health. Plus, help you develop a personalized wellcare plan that actually works best for you, and your family.

The Challenge We Face

Yes, it will be a challenge. The first thing you must learn is being healthy is not easy, but it is simple to achieve. It will take more than motivational speech. More than any diet plan can deliver. My approach is a holistic approach. That is why I named it the Core4-PLUS Wellcare plan. I just never related to the word wellness and healthcare is more about treating illness.

My hope is you are ready to make that all important transition from slow” foods to grow” foods. From inactive to active lifestyle. Thirsty to hydrated. Tired to rested. It will take the time to study and learn. Plus a commitment to break free of the many toxic, unhealthy elements, in your current life while you establish a new healthy habit for yourself at first, and then create your own healthy family.


The Core4-PLUS Wellcare plan

The Core4-PLUS Wellcare plan is part personal development plan, part education, (or skills acquisition), part lifestyle re-balancing, and finally, learning to enjoy the benefits of the lifestyle you create. It is similar to having a career versa just a job. It takes a plan, not just training. Now in order to not recreate the wheel, I have established a partnership with a few excellent health education sources.

I combined the concepts of L.E.A.N. Start and Prime-Time Health Workshops with my own personal wellness coaching, to create the opportunity to not only learn what it takes to establish a healthier lifestyle, but have the guidance of a real live coach. Someone to show you how to put your training into action. The online class registration system is now up and running, as of August 2016, and can be found on under the coaching heading.

I believe you will find this new service offers an effective and affordable wellness & health strategy that goes beyond inspiring healthier lifestyles. You may not have heard about it yet, but this new service is referred to as health coaching. I believe certified health coaches can bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and need of people to learn how to avoid long-term chronic illness and the high cost of health care.

Health reform is not enough to control the high cost of health care in country, or even here on Martha’s Vineyard. To meet this challenge, individuals, families, as well as community groups will need to switch their focus from spending on sickcare to investing in wellcare plans. I want to change that.

As the founder of ywnh-media, not only did I understand about the power of influence, by completing extensive training to become a certified wellness & health  coach I was able to add news skills upon my background in human resources, and health plan design.

It was the natural evolution to partner my service model with the online educational series, designed by the renowned physician  Dr. William Sears and the Sears Wellness institute.”, reports Mr. Gifford.

And the doctor has been advising parents on their kids health for years. He has written over 40 books and has a proven track record showing that these courses really work!

What can I say that would convince you to invest in yourself?

The fact is words, scientific studies and customer testimonials, can only inform and educate. It is up to you to make the decision, to take the action and enroll (invest in wellcare). I just want the opportunity to prove to you that you can be metabolically re-programmed, to make your health a not just a hobby, but your new habits. You can change what you crave. You can like eating healthier, become more active, stay hydrated, sleep better, and reduce the negative impact of our increasingly toxic world on your health.

My promise is to do my best for you and  your whole family, to help you become fit, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. I hope this gave you a better understanding of what I do, and more importantly, why I do what I do. The choice is yours. If your are ready, jump over to my coaching services page to learn more, or attend a Free Core4-PLUS Webinar Event – Register Here!

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