My Personal Chronic Illness Journal — 20201101 –

As Oscar Wilde wrote in “The Happy Prince and Other Tales“– “I like talking to myself. It is one of my greatest pleasures. I often have long conversations all by myself, and I am so clever sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.


Oscar Wilde

Waking up today, November 1st, 2020, as I was resetting the clocks to fall back, my head was racing thru flashbacks of 2020. The year started out under an intense treatment protocol to focus on my Babesia infection. Although I started care with Dr. P. back in June 2019, up to January it was all about diagnosis and immune support therapies. That phase was designed to prepare the body for the fight in 2020. As expected, my body felt worse during this treatment because of the body’s natural reaction to die off of the bacteria. Otherwise known as a cytokine storm of inflammation.

As I slowly recovered going into March, who would have expected to be confronted with another form of bioweapon — this time a virus, not a bacteria. A new one called Covid19. Like the weather channel reporting of an oncoming storm, the national and local  news reported the daily count of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Clearly a wellness nightmare, experienced only while you are awake. You can’t see it coming, but have been told its out there on something, in the air, or by way of someone. We all hunkered down for as long as we could, knowing that we can’t hide forever. Life is about living free and unafraid.

Well its November, and although I apparently have eluded Covid’s capture so far, the news is ramping up the fear again. Is this storm just another media created fake news story or a real threat?

One question keep ringing in my head, How should we respond to these times?

The simple fact is everyone has a voice in their head and should feel comfortable to share it with someone. In my case given the few people who like or comment on my posts, it feels like a conversation with myself. That said, talk alone will not protect me, or you from the very real facts of life. Or should i say illnesses that come along with life.

Whether we like it, or not, come November we face another virus filled cold and flu season’s start. The big difference this year is the virus trifecta. The good news if you are willing to search for it, is coming out of reports


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in the southern hemisphere. As you know, they are coming out of winter and their typical cold and flu season. The health experts use this data to predict the severity of our flu season.

Here is what I found. The flu has all but disappeared there this year. Only Covid19 reports. And even that has a much lower rate of hospitalizations and deaths with rising positive cases.

Again we face the storm threat news casts and dire health predictions, while time marches on. I’m still here. No symptoms of influenza, cold or Covid19. Only learning to live with my Lyme disease infections and co-infections which are very real and exhausting to live with.

The lesson I have learned from this year and years in the health & wellness field is this. Your body is only as strong as you maintain it. When you are young it seems to take almost no effort. As you age, it requires you to listen to it more carefully. If you abuse it, your health will decline. Starting with your immune system and later with disease and premature aging.


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That’s all i got today. May God Bless you and keep you well and safe.

P.S. Don’t forget or be afraid to go out Tuesday and Vote!

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