My Personal Chronic Illness Journal – 20201103

Having the understanding of what your life could be, is a challenge when its not actually living at that level we expected.
Continuing with my personal Lyme disease Journal Entry…
Over the River and Thru the woods to grandfather’s house we go…” Remember that song? Oh, I am really dating myself as an old man who only looks backwards instead of living in the present. Not true!
I’m just working on our plans for this coming Thanksgiving. To be honest, this holiday has not been as fulfilling and as packed with family and friends in quite a while. And for several good reasons.
Now I don’t want this to sound all poor me, or reminiscent looking back favorably on moments in my life as if is over with no future. Even though a Plandemic year tends to bring out the negatives in one’s personality.
The simple fact is my generation grew up singing thanksgiving songs (like “we gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing…”) during pilgrim plays at school. The day was filled with faith, family, food and football.
As a child the days was surrounded with time off from school. A definite plus in my book. As a young adult it required travel either from college, or my single life a few hundred miles from home.
Later on, once a parent myself it was typically a long day at my parents home or in-laws but rarely held in my own home. But I would rather not go into that today.
Anyway, life is best when balanced between tradition and new beginnings or starts. As they say, “Nothing is more constant than change.”  Too much though and we start to feel lost. Thanksgiving is a time for sharing the joy of our time with others. Covid or not.
No Governor has the right to tell us we cannot gather as a group of family and friends in our homes. We are free to sing and shout and eat and most of all, be thankful to God for whom all our blessing fall.
So what has happened to us this year? Has it really been so bad? Are we no longer free, blessed by God and Thankful?
As for my house…
All that said and unfortunately my actual Thanksgiving day will be quiet and at home. We dared to plan a trip away to St. Martin the day after and we hope it will not be a mistake given all the Covid crap.
Like testing and medical forms just to lay our happy asses on a tropical beach. Thankful we have the funds and enough good health to still get away.
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