Americans are on fire and not in a productive way either. At least according to most health professionals today. That fire is inflammation, which is a leading cause of almost all illness in American life. Central to my health & wellness practice, helping others learn how to fight this fire is a number one priority. In researching ways to help clients, I was lead to find a great book, written by William Sears, MD, titled “The Inflammation Solution”.

Here is the amazon summary…”What “itis” is in your body? You will find the solution to your inflammation problem in this book. Enjoy not only a trusted-science-made-simple-and-fun-approach, but also sit back and smile. To tackle a confusing medical problem like inflammation, Dr. Sears writes with the intent: “If you laugh, you will learn – and heal.” Join in as you take a trip through the hurtings in your body and learn how to heal them: – Why you hurt, how you heal – Enjoy the six-S anti-inflammatory diet – Help your body make its own medicines – Handle stress – Raise a less-inflamed child – Stay lean, and less inflamed – Eat gut-friendly foods – Ease hip, back and knee pain – Enjoy a smarter and less-inflamed brain – Use more self-help skills and fewer pills.

My Review of The Inflammation Solution

Below is my short summary and review of this work, but who am I to judge the quality of Dr. Sear’s work. Beyond his experience as America’s Pediatrician, he has like over 40 best sellers. Therefore it is more important to add my complete recommendation that you get this book. Read it, take notes, and refer to it often. Dr. Sears has a unique ability to make the complex simple and understandable for any one. Adults and children.

The Inflammation Solution is one of the best $13 dollar investments I ever made. This paperback written in 2015, the-inflammation-solutionconsisting of 9 chapters and 297 pages gives answers and solutions not only for fighting inflammation but gives you many of the key solution to a sound health and wellness program. As the tag line on his book says, “When everything works, nothing hurts”. And you will learn concept Dr. Sears repeats throughout his book, “show me the science” and he delivers with pages of resources that document every chapter.

You will learn that “inflammation is the main reason that people have the three Ds: disease, disabilities, and doctors’ visits.” He admits that most doctors practices are spent treating arthritis, bronchitis (asthma), colitis (intestinal illness), cognitivittis (Alzheimers), gingivitis (gum disease), Nephrites (kidney disease), dermatitis (skin inflammation) and Retinitis (vision loss).

The fact is these are why we hurt. The problem, as I have learned from Dr. Sears, is the inflammatory response was designed to naturally help us survive, not to make us ill. Our bodies are designed to respond to infection, or injury, using the natural immune system to “protect, repair and heal.” Our immune system stands ready at our “body’s entry points for germs and collection points for toxins (the lining of skin, breathing passages, gut blood vessels and joints) are equipped with powerful armies.

Here’s an example of the Problem

While prepared to fight off dangers, we appear to be suffering more and more from “immune dysfunction” or an imbalanced inflammatory response. The key takeaway I got from this read was the need to maintain the balanced inflammatory response. That’s between the protectors, the repair response and the healers. Once your lifestyle probably starts the fire and creates this imbalance. This leads to the ups and downs of chronic illness. The body is trying to help you but may actually be hurting you instead. This process is called autoimmunity and the list of autoimmune diseases, like MS, RA, diabetes, and maybe even cancer.

Unfortunately, the “pharmaceutical firefighters” have not proved to very effective at stopping the inflammation epidemic even with $20 billion (maybe more today) spent on anti-inflammatory drugs a year.

So you know what I think, now I would like to hear…

What do I think about his solution?

Pick a section, any and post your thoughts below in the comments area.

  1. Eat the Anti-inflammatory Diet
  2. Movement Makes Natural Anti-inflammatory medicines.
  3. Waste at the Waist.
  4. Please don’t worry about Inflammation, you only make it worse.
  5. Some great “self-help” for the ABCDs.
  6. If you can start right, you have a better chance. Pay it forward!

Is you want the opinion of other readers, I selected a few comments from Amazon readers that support my views.

  • In reading this I appreciated the way the author took some complex subjects and made them easy to understand….The most intriguing thing I learned from this book was the number of medical problems where inflammation was the culprit, no matter how old we are. The most helpful was the practical things that I can do to heal my body, which I have started to do. While it has only been a couple of weeks, I am beginning to feel the difference and starting to feel healthier overall. Although, I shouldn’t be surprised after what I learned.
  • This book was enlightening and entertaining from cover to cover. I loved the simple approach that Dr. Sears takes in describing this complex topic. It opened my eyes to how inflammation impacts so many of the top diseases trending today. This book provided practical tools that I can implement in my family to protect my children, improve my own health, and increase my lifespan.”
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars – Best Book I’ve Found on the Subject So Far.
  • Clear, informative, common sense but nice to have the scientific evidence for support.
  • He wrote the book in everyday language for easy reading and understanding. I would highly advocate reading this book.”

And the top critical comment was “There is useful information in the book, but I thought it was way too cute. I really think I am intellectually beyond “sticky stuff” and Dr. Bill and Dr. O. Mega III cartoons.

Because I have been working as a wellness program leader for many years, it is true that I have heard some of the information provided in this book before. That said, I have experienced personally the challenge to get individuals to be first willing to learn how to live healthy, no less read on their own how to reduce their personal “itis” and actively change. Maybe keeping it simple is good.

Again…What do you think? Please share your comments and thoughts below. But more importantly, like me know what you think after you have read the book.  It will be worth it. And as the doctor says, “When everything works, nothing hurts”. This book will help you make it work.

Sources and Inspirations

The Lyme Solution”, William Sears, MD.



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