After finishing a full reading, here is my review of the book titled “The Lyme Solution – 5 Part Plan”, by Darin Ingels, N.D. FAAEM.

Before starting me official book review of The Lyme Solution, let me share a bit on the why and how I came upon this book, so you will understand the perspective my opinions and comments are derived from.

This part of my story begins shortly after moving to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Now I’m not sure how many of my readers / followers have ever been to this place, but many American’s may have heard that this small secluded island is quite different from the mainland. Of course, it has many rich and famous who live there because of the great beaches and many trails to walk. I big part of life there was walking in the dunes, or woods, or small farm. We spent many hours each day working our small vegetable garden and generally living out doors as much as possible. Unfortunately, we found out that of the 5 towns on island, 4 were in the top 10 of the hottest zones for Lyme disease in Massachusetts.

After 5 years, multiple bites, and qualified treatment far away in Boston, we called it quits and moved to North Carolina. Which appears to think that nobody gets, or even has Lyme disease here. Given how many people migrate here either to retire to just visit seasonally, like the birds, I expect the number of cases in NC to rise in the coming years.

Like most individuals living with this disease, my journey facing Lyme has its good days and bad. It is the new normal, but every time I get another piece of the puzzle I feel like their is hope. Now back to the book review.

My review as both a person with Lyme and as a Health & Wellness Coach.

It is incredibly important that the general public, and many General Practitioners (“GP”), learn the basics on how to face Lyme Disease. After being bitten myself, before I knew any other symptoms, other than getting a bullseye
the-lyme-solution-coveraround the bite area, as my normally extremely healthy body started to fail me. As most individual would do, I went to see my GP for a check up. Shared my strange ailments and even told her about my tick bite. She ordered the standard Lyme reaction test. It was negative and I was told to take some Ibuprofen. If only I had the chance to read this book then. It is very informative on the issues with testing. How the different ones work or don’t work. My test has a 70% fail negative rate. It provides a roadmap, or plan to follow with as natural a solution as possible.

When he suggested the unless you are given antibiotics immediately after the bite, bullseye or not, individuals may be better off going straight to the herbal options. Because i was never treated for Lyme until 4 years had past, my Lyme literate doctor skipped them and put me on the Bryon White herbals and few other supplements that really helped be get back up off my back. Not all the way back, but enough to keep going. In fact, it was a key event that lead me to become a certified health & wellness coach.

Life altering events have a way of doing that… don’t they?

As I experienced living with Lyme disease is frustrating. It is often undiagnosed and then finding a provider locally that just understands what you are facing is a challenge. Then as I teach in my healthy lifestyle class, Americans need to learn the skills to partner with their doctors so they can avoid just becoming a victim of the Pill industry. Dr. Darin Ingels has shared a solution book, full of practical information to not only help individuals with Lyme disease, but individuals who could use information to reduce their inflammation state from likely other causes as well.

A couple of my favorite lessons learned were.

1. That resveratrol, the good stuff in red wine, is available without the alcohol (the wine). And this supplement helps the Lyme patient in two ways. Resveratrol research reports that it slows the replication cycles in spirochetes (the bacteria form Lyme comes in) and it reduces the neuraphy (that annoying tingling in your feet) that many Lyme patients experiences.

2. It affirmed that my choice to use the Byron White (AL Complex) protocol was a good move and not just something my doctor sold me. Dr. Ingels went so far as to suggest it was a powerful option that he sometimes works up to after lesser options fail to work.

As any one who has lyme should understand, this disease is more debilitating than most people know. The typical GP, Internist and even some Infectious disease specialist fail to treat this disease beyond 3 or 6 weeks of Doxy and you’re cured. Well that is simple not true of 10 to 20 percent of people who are infected. Many people don’t even know they are infected, because they never felt or saw a bite. A book like this can open up a large number of people so once someone starts to have symptoms the can find a way back.

I read a quote early today that fits this book perfectly, It goes something like this.

A great chef takes the same ingredients and equipment as all other chefs and makes something special.“, Unknown author.

Dr.Ingels has assemble the core information of treating Lyme Disease, as of the time it was written, and created a special solution that will help most all who read this book. As a health & wellness coach I don’t have some magical cure for illnesses many of my clients may have. But I know that most of my clients have very little knowledge on how to create a healthy lifestyle, no less a comprehensive wellcare plan.

Supporting my opinions here is what the Amazon customer review report

  • There were 28 customer reviews, 90% were 4 or 5 stars.

Favorable comments, included words like…

I highly recommend this book if you have Lyme disease
…also highly recommend it for practitioners…
…the first book on Lyme disease…that didn’t make my diagnosis feel terrifying
…I followed several of the diet changes…have seen significant improvement in my symptoms

…read it cover to cover… 
…Invaluable to any one…
…good basics about Lyme and general information…
…provides many resources and options…
…excellent discussion about the problems with long-term antibiotics for chronic Lyme…

On the critical side, one person thought it was “information that is already readily available and redundant if you’ve done a lot of reading on the topic of Lyme disease.” and this one, “books on Lyme are starting to look like the endless march of diet book shelf-fillers” and finally…”If you have Lyme, look elsewhere. Klinghardt, Buhner have been long ahead of the pack and more thorough.”

Other books on Lyme I would recommend reading are written by…

Richard Horowitz, MD

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