Have you read this book? – The Selfcare Solution

Its Author is ABC’s chief medical correspondent and was release last December, long before we even thought about a Pandemic. It was presented as a helpful guide to go beyond the typical New Year’s resolution “to be healthier“.

She wants to make your resolution a “doable: a year-long plan to improve your emotional and physical health...”

Now, it should be noted that Dr. Jennifer Ashton is a top ob-gyn and health news correspondent. And while she shares her “Mindful Year” as “her life one month at a time, using her own experiences to help you improve your health and enhance your life.” She focused on 12 separate challenges spread over the 12 months of a year of selfcare.

Selfcare Month

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Given September is Selfcare awareness month, it seems like as good a time as any to share my take on her story. I personally don’t  like the new year’s resolution trap either and believe people start to think about their health, or lack thereof, when they get a health scare.

Speaking of a health scare, has the mortality data on the CoronaVirus scared you enough to begin working on lowering your health risk profile?

Anyway, I like her idea of setting up and beginning new area of focus each month. She offers to guide you through the struggles she faced and the benefits she experienced. Who doesn’t need some help staying healthy? Plus, as I have shared many times, why believe me and what I say, when I am only sharing what experts like the author created and the science behind why each month’s challenge is good for you.

Wellness Made Simple

Yes, the simple truth is the state of wellness is about establishing a healthy lifestyle. That requires giving up some unhealthy activities and doing more healthy ones that all can lead to better state of your health.

Whether its Dr. Ashton’s “month by month” plan, or Dr. Sear’s “Prime Time Health” plan, the hard lesson I learned was reading a book, or a blog, is not enough by themselves. But… if you add an ongoing support group (community of others) your chance of successfully becoming and maintaining better health is improved.

Any good wellness program includes lessons supported by science designed to support improved health and a system to motivate you to make changes you adopt permanent. I do like how she offers easy-to-comprehend health information to help you understand its benefits when you stick with it.

Given the lessons learned this year, daily lifestyle choices support how important a healthy lifestyle can be. I would say her book is, “inspiring, practical, and informative“, with practical illustrations, photos and charts,

I hope this post makes you understand how important selfcare awareness is and that you consider getting this book, or register for the next offering of the Primetime Health course. Together we can make a difference so you can enjoy a better, healthier year, one month at a time.

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