My Personal Chronic Illness Journal — 02122018 —

It was the second time she saved me. The first was by leading me into a small church located in the Village of Edgartown, during my first visit to this tiny island of the coast of Cape Cod.


St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Edgartown, MA

This is where I  believe our souls became eternally connected. The next time, she saved my body, however that required her to experience her own personal health crisis. Again, she was bitten by a Tick. The simple truth is, I never would have thought my failing health was from a tick bite. So you see, if the love of my life hadn’t also been bitten, where she got the bullseye, I would be untreated today.

This health event lead me to begin learning about Lyme disease, which of course started with the CDC approved treatment of Lyme disease, Such as it is. As you may know, Gayle was first given the 3 weeks of Doxycycline. And as told,  the bullseye cleared up and we thought again, we were one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, like so many others who suffer with this disease, about 3 months later, Gayle’s health really started to turn bad for the first time in her life. All the classic symptoms. brain fog, speech issue, fatigue, joint pain, and night sweats, to name a few. It was then, that I started researching everything I could about Lyme disease, the immune system and how to improve one’s health.I studied the symptoms. standard and alternative treatments. I even studied to pass my Certification to become a  Health & Wellness Coach.

 Focused on Lyme Research

The funny thing was this. As I did this research, it became quite clear that not only did Gayle have “post treatment Lyme disease“, but my own symptoms were also indicative of “untreated Lyme disease“. In spite of my negative antibody test, It all started to make more and more sense. There was this one good thing about living on the island infested with Lyme carrying ticks. They have a support group that met the first Wednesday of each month at the one of the senior centers. It was here we learned we were not crazy and not alone. Fact is, about 300,000 Americans because infected each year.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at


It was hear that we learned about a better test thru the Igenex lab, And most importantly, the need to go see a Lyme Literate Doctor. My primary doctor was useless. However all this required us to wait 6 month for Gayle’s appointment and incur the cost of both a ferry, plus a drive up to Boston. But it was worth it, just to see a doctor who understands and is willing to treat Lyme patients.

Because Gayle was really struggling, and we needed help. We set up the appointment. I a holding up best I could, hoping my symptoms were just empathy and not real. The experience going to the new doctor was a lesson in healthcare. but…


That’s all I got for today. I hope you are getting as much out of reading this as I am writing it. If so, please comment below. And if you know someone with Lyme, or you suspect they may have Lyme, share it.

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