My Personal Chronic Illness JournalĀ  – 20180503 –

We moved to North Carolina, in summer of 2017, to escape the tick infested Island of Martha’s Vineyard. By November, we experience a new reality about life with our Lyme disease.


Swashport, NC

Although we have felt the worst was behind us, we learned that we had become somewhat dependent on the tincture our doctor had prescribed as our treatment protocol. That is 4 ounces of Colloidal Silver and now 40 drops twice a day of the AL Complex, created by Bryon White. We learned this when our regular shipment from our Doctor’s office in Boston was delayed a week, causing us to go without for two weeks.

Again, this confirmed the power of these natural herb tinctures. We felt awful, without them and we raced to take our drops as soon as they arrived.

As we built up our level of drops again, it reminded me of several members of our support group back on the island. Almost all of them could not even take more than 2 drops without getting so sick with herxing reactions on this formula.

Gayle and I, knew we were different in some way. Our best guess is we already had been on a mostly plant-based diet, by using a whole food product of fruits, vegetables and berries for several years. But that’s a topic for another day. All I will say here is this was part of an attempt to improve our diet. This obviously gave us a higher level of antioxidants and therefore lowered our reaction to the die off when taking this antimicrobial herb and silver protocol.

Pardon My Rant on our Healthcare System

I have always suspected that today’s pharmaceutical industry was based on natural plant-based chemistry. However, I now have first hand experience with the power of naturopathic treatment. It is clear that big Pharma just created laboratory chemical formulas, that they hope to patent & profit from, that mimic nature. Anyway, stepping down from my soapbox,

In early 2017, I finally had lab evidence of Lyme Disease, but different than Gayle’s lab results. Her test showed she also had Babesiosis. A tick borne parasite that infects your blood cells. Per the CDC, “Babesia infection can range from asymptomatic to life threatening.”

The doctor’s treatment plan started to give us our energy back. So, we worked hard to move to a county in North Carolina that, as tracked by the CDC, had very low reported cases of Lyme Disease. tick-checkYes, we knew there were higher reports in nearby counties and in Virginia, but anything was going to be better than that island. So far, it is a great decision. We saw one tick on our cat. None on either of us, even when we have worked out in our yard and gardens.

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