My Personal Chronic Illness Journal — 03052018 —

The experience of seeing a Lyme disease Doctor begins before you even enter the Office. It typically comes in the form a paper. About a week before Gayle’s appointment, we received a bunch of forms, some typical doctor

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In addition, it was the first time we had to fill out and extensive medical questionnaire about your Lyme symptoms.

And finally, we need to read and sign off on all the rules most Lyme disease doctors require just to be seen. Things like the cancellation policy, not wearing perfume or cologne, to expect the appointment to last 2 to 4 hours.

Long Days at the Lyme Disease Doctor’s Office

Finally our appointment day has come. That requires us to get up at 5 AM to make the 6 o’clock ferry to Falmouth, Massachusetts. The ferry takes about an hour, and then we get to ride about 2 hour ride into Boston. medical-staffThe appointment will last about 4 hours and then we get to turn around and drive 3 hours back, because of rush hour traffic leaving Boston to make the ferry before the last run of the day.

All in all a pretty exhausting day for even healthy people, no less someone with chronic fatigue, bran fog, etc. But finally someone who would believes you and says they will help you feel better. You leave wanting be believe a cure is possible. HOPE has arrived as long as you can afford it. And I haven’t even described the details of the appointment….

But that’s all I can post for today. There is so much more to

Everyone’s Lyme disease story.

Is this working for you? Should I continue to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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