Wellness with Lyme –

My Personal Chronic Lyme Illness Journal  – 20201217 –

Since returning from vacation the doctor has me back on the full herbal protocol. That was to be 25 drops of each: Banderol, Samento, Cryptoleptis, Tangerana, and AL Complex. Unfortunately, my herbal supply of Samento and AL Complex were gone. I had placed an order for my supplements before leaving but even that has not arrived as of today. So, I called Total Nutrition supplier to order the missing herbals, except the AL Complex which they don’t carry regularly.

Feeling the Burn of a Massive Die Off

Anyway, after taking just the Banderol, Tangarana and Cryptoleptis my inflammation shot up. You know the feeling – joints on fire. The typical herx reaction. Unfortunately , I was hoping for less reaction as a sign of less infection. Such is life with Lyme disease and yes i am expecting the pulsing protocol to last for 6 months.
On a positive note, today I realized that inflammation  was way down. But my energy is pretty low.  I’m missing the warm Caribbean weather and just cannot sleep enough. Next week I’m off meds for 2 weeks. Just in time for Christmas and New Year’s.