Does a Past Life Impact the Meaningful Life You are Living?

Clearly with the global population approaching 7 billion people, not everyone has been reincarnated from a prior life. I am sure God’s plan must therefore include the addition of new souls to be added to the planet.

Yes, given the vastness of the universe some of the globe’s population is likely beings from other worlds, Ets, non-terrestrials, off worldly beings.

Ever feel like you were born into the wrong time?

I’ve even been told I seem like an “old soul”. How about you?

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” George R.R. Martin.






How Can One Know the Lived Before?

The experts suggest that possession of unexplained skills or an affinity for a certain era may be a sign of a past life. Other say, you need to go thru a process of past life regression under hypnosis to really know.

While that may sound like a fun experience to some, I have no desire to let anyone hack my consciousness in search of my subconscious. And for the record, I never tried any psychedelic drugs for in search of escape from reality either.

I guess by now you are wondering why I even asked the question. The fact is I do believe in reincarnation and finally understand the balance between your physical body’s journey and one’s soul journey. Your soul is forever if you can keep it.

A lesson Learned about Life

More important than either how many lives you lived, or what type of experience you had is understanding the meaning of this life. Said differently, make this life have meaning. Live with a purpose focused on giving more to others than expected.

If you are still searching for that purpose, maybe taking that quiz linked below to see if helps you.

FYI – I took the quiz and apparently I was “Svetlana, a humble serf girl, who  lived all my life looking after

Is this Svetlana?

the potato fields for my master. I heard about a possible revolution being planned in the cities, and some lofty idea to overthrow all the landowners. But that seemed very far away and I had too many potatoes to harvest to get involved with all that. But I loved potato-soup and everyone said I had the most beautiful hair in all the village.


Interesting information but it only explains why I enjoy working in my vegetable garden, understand that women speak on multiple levels and following today’s political storm as much as than watching the Game of Thrones series.

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