Wellness with Lyme –

My Personal Chronic Illness Journal – 20210116

Today is IV Infusion day
Up early. New normal aches and balance issues. Set up my herbal Yeti mug to drink on route to my integrative med center. Less traffic on Saturday so we had time to stop at the Vitamin Shoppe for probiotics and b12 tabs.
Normal medical Check in routine.
  • Temperature
  • Weight
  • Pulse
  • Blood Pressure
Still weighed it 10 lbs over desired target. Still have not lost my vacation pounds. Guess I need to burn more calories than currently taking in. Blood pressure is always higher at the doctor’s office than home. Is it the drive or treatment stress?
Longest 3 hours of the week. Drip, drip drip.

Our IV Infusion Lounge

I try to listen to music or a podcast but time here seems to move slower. Anyway not much else to say today and I get to pee.
Later, unless I’m too tired to write.
Be well. Be strong the best is yet to come!
Yea, sounding optimistic today. I recently read be optimistic helps you live longer even though the IV is not a cure just a fire hose to reduce the herxing fire.