My Personal Chronic Illness Journal — Entry 1 —

I decided to open up on a key part of my journey to better health & wellness by sharing a personal experience. This experience centers around the most significant health event of my life. I contracted a persistent chronic illness,generally known as “Lyme Disease“, but in fact, that is only part of the story, Fact is one tick bite typically comes with more than one pathogen. In the beginning I had know idea about any of this. And, so the journey began.

Now,  given today is not day one of this journey I thought it best to pick up here and try to connect back when, and if, appropriate.

Buy a Ticket, Take a Boat, Fall in Love and Never Return

MV-FerryThat’s what they said, when I moved to the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. However, nothing in the brochure said anything about beware of ticks because we are infested.


MV-BeachOnly scenes of beautiful beaches, wooded trails and island living.

Well, It was all great and fun until some months after I experienced my first known tick bite on my left arm. And based on me lack of knowledge, I had nothing to worry about, Just pull it off, since I didn’t get the “bullseye“, I thought I was a lucky one and dodged the indicator of Lyme disease. WRONG!

If you get the bullseye, you are the lucky one, because your doctor can give you several weeks of antibiotics (typically doxycyline, but that’s another story), and that works 80% of the time, so life goes on.

As for me, that never happened.

That’s I can share for today. Keep an eye out for the next Life With Lyme installment.