A Fitness Challenging Year for All

Thoughts on my own state of fitness, looking back on the year of the Plandemic

Seems like we fell into two camps:
    1. The Isolation Camp – who gave up on long term fitness
    2. The Home Gym Obsessed Camp –  who bought every bicycle, Peloton, training equipment available so they could work out from home like their survival depended on it

What Fitness Camp were you in?

Personally, I was just above the giving up, and way below the home gym fitness camp. With the gym closure I officially stopped my target strength exercising. Though my outside garden work consisted of heavy work in the garden, moving dirt and bales of peat and some sit-ups a few days a week. My cardio work dropped to mowing the lawn weekly with the walk behind mower.

Eating Well Improved

Where I did excel is on the diet side. I really poured over the natural foods that can help build up one’s immune system.

When the gym opened with mask requirements I failed to return. And still to this day not gone back. It grates on me every week. I hate wearing the mask and my Lyme disease treatment plan has been kicking my butt for three months.

The interesting thing is I still feel way better off than others from a physical and psychological standpoint. I am much more fearless than before.

Are you a Victim of Fear or Champion of Personal Responsibility?

I believe the the whole COVID-19 show is more of an over blown psychological operation and a serious health

Fitness Motivation During and Post the Pandemic

challenge. Yes, some people are very health compromised and it can be the straw that breaks the camels back. The big lesson here is maintaining a state of health & wellness is even more important than before the Covid.

Fitness Facts or Fictional Fear

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Contrary to the MSN narrative, things always return to normal. Its just a fact that change is constant and norms change as well.


What is Normal Post the Plandemic?

Looks like this coming summer promises to bring a renewed level of activities for most people. I expect us to start slow but will build up as fear declines and self care expands. It won’t be long and we’ll be  hanging out at the gym with people you may not have seen in a while. The question is how will we look?

Vanity is a powerful emotion

We all  want to be looking good, right? But gym time is where we should accept each other as a work in process not a finished product.

As Saahil Desai, wrote in The Atlantic: “All it took to finally motivate me was a bit of vanity. For the first time in a very long time, the pandemic is easing up in the United States. Coronavirus cases have plummeted from their January peak. Vaccinations keep climbing. Like a butterfly hatching from its cocoon, we’re finally on our way toward fluttering out of quarantine and into a world in which we can get together without the constant threat of infection.

So, I ask you, Is vanity an acceptable motivator to get you on the path to better health and wellness?

Maybe, but it’s a pretty shallow pool for such a deep and important activity.

Some say “whatever it takes even if dwelling on the opinions of others is not a smart long-term strategy.” The fact is this last year is the exception to the rule and giving some consideration to how we look in public after being locked away may just be the feel-good motivation we all need.

March is more than halfway over and Beach days will be here soon. Don’t want to be mistaken for a whale!


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Source and InspirationI Want to Look Damn Good When the World Sees Me Again“, Saahil Desai, 2021.

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