What are the latest Trends for Health & Wellness Industry in 2022?

According to Alan Goforth over at Benefits Pro, Ajay More at Market Reports World, and Leah Groth, at Bustle we should expect to see the following Trends should continue or emerge in 2022:

  • Emergence of New “Vaccination and test-status tracking solutions” will be adopted by employers
  • Increased Employee Burn-out
  • Expect Your Workout to Evolve to include more “At Home Fitness” and More “Outdoor Exercise
  • ¬†Financial Wellbeing will be added to the “well-designed and holistic health and wellness program
“5 health and wellness trends likely to affect employers in coming year”
  • New Focus on “feeling good, smart recovery, and preventing injury
  • Posted Lockdown Fitness will be more of a “Hybrid Membership” with training via “in studios, at home, and everywhere in between”
  • Your Workout Routine may Appear more like a “Ballet” or “Gaming” Styled Event
  • ¬†Continued Growth in “Homeopathic Remedies Market
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  • ¬†Continued Growth in “Homeopathic Remedies Market
“Global Homeopathic Remedies Market Size and Share 2021”