Celebrity food fads may not be the best healthy eating routine, So Why do they Get So much media attention!

I believe the answer is simple visual attraction. Americans are fans of glamour and most celebrities are primped, plucked, pampered and marketed so they visually attract our attention. They have an image. Most  have become a brand. They are also are increasingly crossing over into  commercial F-D-Giffordendorsements. You know the, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV…” sort of thing. It seems like they are into every fad created.

The biggest one that bugs me the most is the celebrity “gluten-free” fad. It seems like every product on the shelves lists that it is “Gluten Free” even when it makes no sense since gluten would never be found in the natural form of this food. I guess they put it on the label because they think consumers don’t know where gluten is found in food. Or what it even is.

So, What is Gluten?

Per the National Institutes of Health (NIH),”Gluten is the main storage protein of wheat grains. Gluten is a complex mixture of hundreds of related but distinct proteins, mainly gliadin and glutenin. Similar storage proteins exist as secalin in rye, hordein in barley, and avenins in oats and are collectively referred to as “gluten.”…

Get it, gluten is found in grains – Wheat, Rye, Barley, and Oats. So, why does my ketchup bottle have “Gluten Free” on the label? As I said, the producer either thinks you don’t know, or just thinks you will like the product more if you think it is gluten free. In the second situation, they must assume you think gluten is bad and should be avoided. Well, I guess if Gwyneth is on a gluten free diet, then I should too. Wrong!

Your diet should only be based on your life, your health situation and the science that supports the optimal healthy eating guidelines. Don’t just follow what I do, or what any actress, or actor does. And use this Gluten story to understand the importance of not following the fad. For Example…

Is Gluten in your Diet Unhealthy?

This is the key lesson in the gluten story. Gluten free diets are a major fad today, and it is a generally understood that “the average daily gluten intake in a Western diet is thought to be 5-20 g/day and has been implicated in several disorders.” That said, we next need to understand what are the “disorders” and how common are they? And, more importantly, how does gluten affect your health?

Basically, the gluten is thought to trigger inflammation and result in intestinal damage in people with something called celiac disease.

ting However, some research goes counter to the accepted thinking. For example, recent research suggests that individuals who are gluten free, have a higher risk of heart (cardiovascular) disease. Simply put the say…

…people with no medical need to avoid gluten not to adopt the

potentially harmful fad.

Why you ask…because researchers know that people who eat less grains have higher risk of “coronary heart disease“.

Apparently, switching to gluten free may lead people to believe that cookie or cake is now healthier. The better choice if a switch from processed food to real whole foods with less carbs, sweeteners and fats. Gluten-free junk food is still junk for your health. My advice…skip the fads, get the facts and learn how to reprogram your eating habits so you can avoid the unhealthy choices hiding behind the marketing. You won’t need to read “all natural” or “Gluten-Free” to eat a healthy diet.

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