Some people feel like the start of their year, begins in September, others focus on New Years, I like to emerge renewed in the Spring. It must have started when the snow retreated and I could once again head in the woods behind my house and explore, build and run the trails. I was blessed with an 86 acre park as my playground.

I didn’t know it at the time but it was somewhat circuit training, or sometimes battlefield training, where the guys in the neighborhood would meet and play everything from baseball, to capture the flag. It never seems like running or exercise. We could be seen jumping logs, sprinting, climbing all to return the opponents flag to base. It was fresh are fun and took almost no effort.


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Of course time moves on and I will admit that years later, while attempting to get back into shape to play ice hockey in college, I thought running was a painful exercise, and even worse when I had to run on the treadmill.

As an adult I learned that the only way to keep that heart strong required running and old knees from my athletic days, made the treadmill a bit easier. You would think replacing my winter treadmill workouts with runs thru the neighborhood, and other forms of outdoor calorie burning would be the desired relief from the long winter gym days. but it was not.

Clocks Spring Ahead, But the Weather is Unpredictable

So here we are again, spring is just around the next corner with all it’s wild fluctuations in weather and temperature trying spoil my plans, to keep me inside when I would prefer to be outside.

Here are some tips to help you fight back against spring’s unpredictability, Let you go with the flow. Become more pragmatic with your workout routine. How about taking a class, like yoga, which could open a whole new chapter in fitness journey. Help you break out from your overly physically focused exercise regimen.

I prefer to run or walk outdoors, but for now I feel free to do that when the weather allows and feel freed from my exercise obligation and the boredom of the treadmill.

Somehow this all Fits Together.

I get to enjoy the new beginning as spring blossoms along with the opportunity to use my new routine and outlook. I can remain active without feeling just worked out. Spring can’t always decide when to be warm or cool, wet or dry, but you can head into this season as a free agent. Give it a try, I bet you will like it. however, since I leave in the South, I am fully prepared to once again move back inside the gym once summer comes. For now, let’s not think about the heat and humidity.

I am ready to commit to my new routine to make sure I’m ready to work out, whether in the gym or outside, free and easy.

Since many of us have had a similar problem when spring arrives, I found some effective workout tips for rain or shine.


Workout Tips

When It’s Rainy: Indoor Workouts

If you haven’t switched to a class at the gym, you could use an online class, and yoga is not your thing, how about this one that Cassey Ho produces. She’s the creator of Blogilates, a popular YouTube channel. You should be able to easily create numerous full-body workouts from the hundreds of videos she produced. Here are a few linked below to get you started. Remember, do these videos in sequence for a great 30-minute indoor workout at home:

If yoga is your thing check out these free online workouts, called Five Parks Yoga, by Erin Sampson. She provides an excellent inventory of diverse yoga workouts. I have not done these myself, yet. However, I’ve been told that this yoga fit workout is a great rainy-day choice, providing you with cardio, stretching, and toning all in one.

When It’s Sunny: Outdoor Workouts

On those beautiful spring days when you’re ready to burst out the front door and burn some calories, what can you to do that is different?

Simple! Use what you’ve got, right in your yard, or around the neighborhood. Here are some easy moves that can create an effective 30-minute cardio and muscle toning session.

  • Stairs (Two Minutes): Find a nearby flight, short or long. Run up and down as fast as you can.
  • 10 Pushups. That’s right “Get down and give me ten!” And for individuals who need more resistance, do them at a decline using a bench or a step.
  • Jumping Jacks (One Minute)
  • Wide Squats with Tricep Extension (30 Seconds): Squat, but make sure your knees don’t extend past your ankles. While holding a weight or with empty hands, raise your arms straight above your head and then lower them backward to your shoulder blades each time you squat.
  • Long Jumps (30 Seconds): Stand tall with your feet together, squat slightly, and then jump as far as you can. Turn and quickly run in a half-circle to your starting point and repeat.
  • Crunches (One Minute): An oldie but goodie. Lie flat on the ground. Place your fingertips at the base of your skull and lift up your chest, putting as little stress on your neck as possible.
  • 10 Box Jumps: Find a wide step, a low wall or bench, or any wide, flat, stable object. Stand tall in front of your “box,” then squat slightly and use your legs and the momentum of your arms swinging backward to jump on top of it.
  • 10 Good Mornings: Stand with your hands on your hips and your feet slightly wider than your hips. Keeping your spine and neck neutral (not rounded or bent), bend over until parallel with the ground. Use your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes to lift yourself up to standing again. 
  • And of course, repeat this full circuit as many times as you like, or need to complete the 30 minute workout.

How’s that for creative, fresh start thinking? Just like the old days. Running and jumping, just limited by your age and condition.


Disclaimer: In fact, before starting any exercise, diet or wellness program, be sure you consult your doctor and be sure to learn the proper techniques for that diet before starting a new program. That would defeat the whole purpose of the activity and your injury may even increase your health insurance cost not reduce them. This post is intended to be for educational purposes only.